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The great players

Ronaldo Nazário de Lima

*Ronaldo, launched to the soccer by Cruzeiro in 1993, is now the best wolrd payer. In 60 matches in Cruzeiro, Ronaldo scored 55 goals. Nowadays Ronaldo plays in Internazionale (Italy).

Dida (Nélson de Jesus da Silva) is actually the best brazilian goalkeeper

Nelinho(Manoel Rezende de Matos Cabral) - the Americas' cannon

Joãozinho(João Soares de Almeida Filho)

Joãozinho, agility and intelligence. One of the best brazilian historical players, wrote his name on Cruzeiro's history with the decisive goal on Cruzeiro's greatest title of all: The 1976 "Libertadores da América" cup.

Raul Guilherme Plassman

Another great goalkeeper, Raul finisehd the tradition of dark uniforms when started using his trademark, the yellow keeper 's shirt.

Dirceu Lopes - Another great champion

Tostão (Eduardo Gonçalves de Andrade)

Forget Ronaldo, Tostão was the best. He lived in a time when Pelé and Garrincha were the world best, and conquered his place on the brazilian team. And when Cruzeiro, with Tostão, matched Santos, with Pelé, in the 1966 Brazil's cup finals, the result was an historical Cruzeiro 6, Santos 2...